For more than twenty years, I’ve been painting murals of all styles, from simple signage to very detailed Trompe L’oeil works of art. And I’ve painted all sizes…..smallish murals for a livingroom niche, for example, to multistory buildings.
All of my works have a few common threads…
In almost all of my work, I try to personalize the design to the client, in some way.
And in all of my murals you will find my red string….my mark.
Contact me to see what kind of magic I can work for you.


I work on the computer all the time, even when creating sketches for my murals. So it’s only natural that graphic design is part of my portfolio of services I can offer.
Over the years I’ve created everything from┬ábusiness cards to multipage publications as well as calendars, posters and just about anything.
Additionally, I offer photo services.
More about that on the photography page.


It all fits….the painting, both conventional and digital, with my photography. I use it in all phases of mural painting and many times, I’ll do my own photo shoots for graphic design projects. But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve also photographed dance teams, both in studio and on stage, events, car shows and landscapes for calendars. It’s fun and I especially enjoy the post production. See more in the photography gallery, coming soon.



I use two working studios. The paint studio in downtown Sarasota and the graphic design studio in my ho


Both studios are located in Sarasota, Florida. Visitation times by appointment only. Email is my preferred mode of communication.


Coming soon, I'll be adding a new blog page to this site, which is under construction for a few days (at least).