Welcome to the official website of Skip Dyrda!

Based in the vibrant arts community of Sarasota, Florida, I am a visual artist with a passion for creativity and storytelling. My journey has led me to maintain two studios where I bring my artistic visions to life. Known for my Trompe L’oeil murals, I strive to create works with deep historical significance that captivate and inspire.

Beyond my murals, I excel in graphic design, offering branding services, designing books, magazines, and advertisements. My artistry extends to photography, where I take pride in mastering the post-production phase to create stunning images. I have also ventured into sculpture, creating pieces that add a new dimension to my portfolio.

Recently, I’ve embarked on a new adventure: writing fantasy stories. This website is your gateway to explore my diverse body of work and join me on my creative journey. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy exploring my world as much as I enjoy creating it.